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God's unconscious mind is responsible for our dreams. This is an important scientific and religious truth. God acts as a natural psychotherapist because we have inherited the most insane part of our brain Mental Health.

Our brains are still in their embryonic stages. Dream therapy is the best way to develop our tiny consciences and make us more intelligent than violent primates.

It was difficult and painful for me to follow God's dreams-guided advice. God instructed me to confront craziness as a hero and to attain sanctity in order to save the human race.

God instructed me to tell my family I was insane and to seek treatment with a psychiatrist.

Was this clear? What?

It was difficult to communicate with God through dream messages. It was difficult to communicate with God through dreams. I began to use a small notebook to talk to the divine unconscious mind without needing to sleep or dream. Then, I would translate my dreams into words to understand the messages.

These were my basic unconscious answers. Every time I opened a page in the notebook, God would answer me on the correct page. Each message contained a code.

It was quite difficult for me to find the code, so I won't go into detail. This notebook allowed me to have very direct and quick conversations with God, which resulted in a significant improvement in our communication.

Understanding God's guidance was difficult for me at the beginning. You won't believe what I have to say about the process I went through to understand God's guidance. I realized that I could get more information about my reality if I translated the facts I saw in my daily life the same way as I did the dream meaning.

But, it was not enough. It was an adventure to understand God's direction.

That was the start of a very long journey. After many adventures, I ignored all that I discovered. It was as though I was an actress, playing the role of superwoman when I was only a human being.

Dream therapy helped me realize that I was an absurd person. Through the messages in my dreams, God saved me from schizophrenia. Why did I need to see a psychiatrist?

This was required by God because it was an essential part of His plan to eliminate evil on Earth. It was necessary, too, because I would have had to fight the madness.

My family had to believe I was suffering from serious psychological issues. I was unable to continue following my routine and accepting all of my obligations as if they were fine. My son would need to be cared for by my mother for a time.

This story will show you how crucial preparation was for many purposes. You will be able to believe in God's existence because of its shocking true meaning. It will prove that God does miracles.

God's plan was complex. I didn't understand many of his insights. I was forced to follow his instructions, even though I didn't understand the true purpose. This was a very strange part. It was a horrible part of my life.

But I was ignorant. I didn't get God's intention from the start. Psychiatrist Austin TX Because I was in danger, He could not waste His time explaining to me. Even with many explanations, I would not be able to understand any of them because there were many things that hadn't happened yet.

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